Ron Parker - CEO & Founder

Ron Parker has been in the construction industry for over 40 years, designing and spearheading successful projects around the globe. CCB's latest project, Paris Lakes Medical Center in Paris, TX is one of Ron's largest projects to date and was the brought to life when Ron saw a huge void in medical care in the Paris, TX area. 

Nick Parker - COO

Nick Parker started his career in the construction industry 20 years ago alongside his father, Ron. He is the leading role in all aspects of the designing, building, and execution of each project. He has successfully lead teams around the globe with CCB. From selling, purchasing, logistics, accounting, and shoveling dirt; he's there to make sure the job gets done on time and within budget. 


Mission Statement

From the inception of our company in 1988, we have constantly adapted to better all challenges put before us. We, as a company, strive to think and perform “outside the box.” We work alongside a great and varied group of clients throughout the world on both public and private sector projects. We undertake Green Field Construction, Renovation Works and extensive Interior Fit Out Packages. Our past experience covers a wide range of sectors including; Hotels, Resorts, Sports Facilities, Office Buildings, Schools, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Business Parks and Waste Treatment Plants. We are selective in our works and clients with whom we work alongside. We are fortunate to be able to draw on our in-house organization which has an accumulative experience in excess of 100 years of working on overseas assignments. Within our organization, we have personnel with the required experience in all major construction disciplines. We are an OSHA partner in the USA and our aim is always ZERO lost time accidents with regard to safety. When we join your team to fulfill your project requirements, we do what we commit to. We channel our expertise and resources to ensuring that every undertaking we enter into comes out, “ON SCHEDULE AND ON BUDGET.” 


Best regards, 

Ron Parker - CEO 


Our Strengths

  • Our experience as professional managers directly attributes to the success of our projects

  • We obtain and use the latest management software to help run each and every job

  • Conceptual estimating and competitive pricing instills confidence in our clients from the start of every project

  • Our in house design team excels in planning to improve efficiency and reduce cost

  • We strive for the highest quality of worksmanship expected by our clients

  • We always finish a job on time and on budget