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Who We Are

From the inception of our company in 1988, we have constantly adapted to better all challenges put before us. We, as a company, strive to think and perform

“outside the box.” We work alongside a great and varied group of clients throughout the world on both public and private sector projects. We undertake

Green Field Construction, Renovation Works and extensive Interior Fit Out Packages. Our past experience covers a wide range of sectors including

Hotels, Resorts, Sports Facilities, Office Buildings, Schools, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Business Parks and Waste Treatment Plants.

We are selective in our works and clients with whom we work alongside. We are fortunate to be able to draw on our in-house organization which has an accumulative experience in excess of 100 years of working on overseas assignments. Within our organization, we have personnel with the required

experience in all major construction disciplines. We are an OSHA partner in the USA and our aim is always ZERO lost time accidents with regard to safety.

When we join your team to fulfill your project requirements, we do what we commit to. 

Best regards, 

Ron Parker - CEO 


Our Professional Attributes

-Our experience as professional managers directly attributes to the success of our projects

-We obtain and use the latest management software to help run each and every job

-Conceptual estimating and competitive pricing instills confidence in our clients from the start of every project

-Our in house design team excels in planning to improve efficiency and reduce cost

-We strive for the highest quality of worksmanship expected by our clients

-We always finish a job on time and on budget

Ronald Parker, Founder

Ron was born in November of 1952. Attended Coppell High School and Tarrant County Junior College. Ron is married to his wife, Evonne, of 48 years

with three sons and seven grandchildren. Ron began work in the interior construction business at the age of 19, and successfully transitioned his business model into commercial exterior/interior and finish outs. He continues his work in the companies he founded over the years, as listed below.

  1. Founder - Cliff Creek Builders, Inc.- General Contractor

  2. Managing Director - Paris Lakes Medical Center, L.L.C.- Developer

  3. President - CCB Global, L.L.C. - Construction Manager

  4. Owner – WCR Quail Hunting Resort, L.L.C.- Hunting Ranch

  5. Owner – Triple P, L.L.C. - Investments

  6. Owner - CYA, L.L.C. - Investments

One of his claims to fame is that all of the developments listed below were brought in on time and on budget. 

  • Ritz Carlton – St. Thomas, USV 

  • Palmilla, Cabo - One & Only Resort - Cabo, Mexico

  • Four Seasons Resort - Exuma Bahamas

  • Atlantis Dubai - Dubai, UAE

  • Atlantis Bahamas - Bahamas 

  • Ocean Club One & Only - Bahamas

  • Reethi Rah One & Only - Maldives

  • 14 Schools in Georgia

  • William Oliver Building –Atlanta, Ga.

  • WCR Quail Hunting Resort – Detroit, Texas 

  • Dubai Golf City – Dubai, UAE

Nicholas Parker, CEO

Nick began working with CCB during high school in 2000 performing duties involving purchasing and logistics. data control, and marketing strategy. Nick is married to his wife, Courtney, of 8 years with three children, two boys and one girl. He went on to attend college in 2003, completing in time for a project in Dubai during the Summer of 2007. This began his career as an Assistant Project Manager while building the Atlantis Palm Jumeriah. By the end of 2008 Nick earned a promotion to Project Manager. He began his first role as a Project Manager in 2009 working on Dubai Golf City. Following along with numerous other projects to complete the year. Nick returned to the states at the end of 2009 to help with the development and

construction of the family ranch and business, WCR Quail Hunting Resort. This year also began work on Paris Lakes Medical, managing MOB 4, Quality Care ER, as well as medical offices consisting of Paris Lakes Health Group.

Nick operates and holds ownership in several companies, listed below, and pursued the title of Chief Executive Officer for CCB.

  1. CEO - Cliff Creek Builders, Inc.- General Contractor

  2. Executive Board Member - Triple P, L.L.C. - Investments

  3. Development Board - Paris Lakes Medical - Medical Facilities

  4.  Founder - Cripple Creek Cattle - Beef and Performance Cattle

  5.  Co-Founder - Influence Networking - Marketing Firm

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